About Me

I'm an information scientist, entrepreneur and full-stack developer from South Africa, based in the UK. I've created my own startups, helped others create websites and brands, and I've learned and gained valuable experience.

For the past few years I've been living in Falmouth, Cornwall. I love coffee, vim, unix and I'm a huge night owl. I've been a lifelong vegetarian and vegan, and I care about animals, the environment, and making sure we built a better future. I strike to choose clients and work that match my values.

While studying my master’s I also started training as a transpersonal hypnotherapy practitioner, and for the past few years I’ve been studying life coaching, astrology, hypnosis and shamanism – all of which allow me to have a very human centred approach.

I believe my combination of software development, entrepreneurship and life coaching makes for a great asset that allows me to communicate and share ideas across domains to both developers, designers and even non-tech savvy users.