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Preparing for a QHHT session

1. Set your intention to have a great session

Your intention to having a great session is key! Once you’ve made the decision to have a hypnosis session, your Higher Self begins preparing you by opening up your energy ports to readily communicate with you. Thoughts and energy will automatically begin to flow to you to prepare you for this session. Your conscious mind, however, needs to be reminded that it will be taking a back seat in this experience. Affirmations will remind you that it’s going to be successful. Repeat this affirmation several times a day:

“I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self.”

2. Caffeine

Limit your use of caffeine for 2-3 days before your session. Limit your use of caffeine the day of your session. If you normally have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, just have one. The intention is to go into wonderful state of deep relaxation.

3. No recreational drugs or alcohol

The night before & the day of your session don’t drink alcohol. A session will not be conducted if the client is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substances that alter their state of awareness. Do not take any pills to relax you. This may jeopardize the success of the session.

4. Practice relaxing prior to the session

Just close your eyes and bring your awareness to any part of your body where there is tension. Breathe into that space until you feel the tension lessen or dissolve. Remain in that space for as long as you can, just locating any tensions until your entire body is easily and effortlessly relaxed.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

If you meditate, do so the morning or day of your appointment to help clear your mind. If you don’t meditate, then do something that calms you like taking a nice relaxing walk, petting your pet or listening to some soothing music.

6. What to eat

Our session could go up to 4 hours so you should eat something light before you arrive for your session.

7. What to wear

Since you may be lying down for a couple of hours, you should wear comfortable, light, loose-fitting clothes that won’t constrict your circulation or over-heat you while you’re lying under a blanket. If you typically wear socks to sleep, bring a pair with you so that your feet will feel good.

8. Preparing Questions

Please prepare a list of questions you would like your Higher Self to answer, below are some examples. A common number of issues/questions is usually around 7-10. Usually, if someone brings dozens of questions in, they tend to be the same questions that are simply asked in different ways. Some example questions you can ask:

Life/Spiritual questions (purpose in life, path, etc.):

  • What is my purpose in life? Am I on the right path? What can I do to help myself get on my spiritual path?
  • What could I do to move in more purposeful direction?
  • I had something happen in my life. (Experience, dream, knowing, etc.) What was it, and why did it happen

Relationship questions:

  • Is my spouse or relative my soul mate or part of my soul group?
  • I have a difficult relationship with my spouse, child, sibling. Why is this, and how can it be healed?

Career questions:

  • I don’t like my job or what I’m studying in school - should I quit?
  • What should I be doing instead?

Health-related questions:

  • Why do I have this pain, allergy or illness?
  • Why can’t I lose weight?

9. Expectations

Release any expectation of what you should feel like when you’re in a trance or what your session will be like. Just enjoy the experience and let the Universe take care of the details Every session is as unique as the individual who has one. A session will unfold in your own consciousness in your own way and will more beautifully do so if you don’t expect certain things to happen or not happen. One very important aspect to keep in mind is that almost everyone brings all or a part of their everyday conscious mind along for the experience. Having a Quantum Healing session is not like having anaesthesia. You will likely be aware of your experience as it is happening and likely to remember much if not all of it when it is over.