Daniel Shields


As a full-stack developer I'm capable of working on websites from the design and front-end, information architecture and user experience, all the way through to the server development. I've spent many years mastering Javascript, however I work well with PHP & Laravel. I'm also learning Swift and playing around with AI & NLP.

Here's some of my favourite tech:

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Since university I’ve been working at an engineering company developing software and we’ve created our company Sendtao (www.sendtao.com) which solved one of their big management issues; The app has been used in 13 countries in Africa so far, with more than 6600 forms have been submitted to date, including more than 92,000 photos (155GB!)

Working many roles as the web developer, server developer, architect, customer support, designer gave me a lot of experience, I learned a lot about all aspects of how a startup works and what it takes to build and run real world software projects.

The masters project was Plotty -- a distributed seed-bank powered by NodeJS to protect and preserve the world's supply of rare and diverse seeds.

Examples of work I’m looking for are:

  • Shorter freelance jobs,
  • Larger projects where you just need help a few hours a week,
  • Startup & idea prototypes where you need that require full stack.


Full Stack Developer
As a full-stack javascript developer I can work well with React, NodeJS, Express, Mongo, Postgres, etc.

I've been focusing on full-stack javascript, however I'm also comfortable in PHP and the Laravel framework (which runs my first startup Sendtao)

Front-end Developer
As a front-end developer I can create complex web applications or simple websites. I've been working with ReactJS, NextJS, Gatsby, Redux, Sagas, Sockets, GraphQL, etc

My favourite way to build websites is using static generation.

Branding and Logos
I can also do multimedia work like branding, design, logos, presentations, business cards, posters, etc for companies and friends. I don't do this often but the experience helps me with create complete design and branding documents for websites or new apps.


Startup Prototypes
As a full-stack developer I am capable of rapidly building quick (MVP) prototypes of apps or websites. Prototypes can be used to show investors, test and get feedback from users, before refining the idea more.

With my Masters in Entrepreneurship, I can also help you shape your business plan, refine your idea, identity your target market and make sure that the prototype is a viable product that your customers will love.

Server Development
Server architecture and development. NodeJS APIs and micro-services, scaling issues, queues, distributed servers, serverless applications, etc


1. Sendtao

Sendtao Dashboard.

Our admin panel dashboard, showing sites and some progress charts.

Android Application.

An older version of our build which shows a simple one page form.

The startup I spent most of my time on. Sendtao was designed for an engineering company in order to facilitate the rollout of remote projects, providing reports that allow teams real time access to site progress, this is primarily done with photo based reports.

2. Shift tribe

Shift Website.

I help shifttribe.com with their web and branding, it is a non-profit that holds large beach meditations at camps bay each year. I have been advising them on how to set up a web presence and online course & video network.

3. EPIC Infrastructure

EPIC Branding.

The EPIC branding was designed to be simple and use branded stickers that could easily be transported around to different offices and used on recycled cardboard and paper, allowing the branding to be controlled easily while also being used around Africa.

EPIC Report.

EPIC Infrastructure is a company under development that required some work building a corporate identity.

4. Plotty

Plotty Website.

Plotty is an alternative gardening brand, with an online seed swapping platform. We created an entire brand manual for the startup with some mockups of how things might look in the future.

Plotty Office.

Work History

January 2020 - May 2020
Full-Stack Dev at Twentyfifty
Contract work for an NDA project, related to fashion supply chain for the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles / German Gov.

June 2019 - December 2019
Co-Founder at Plotty
Co-Founder and Software lead (via masters degree*)

August 2018 - October 2018
Web developer at Tiney
Basic website dev for the tiney.co

August 2017 - present
Practitioner at Karuna Hypnosis
QHHT & ASE Life Coaching

January 2013 - present
Co-Founder at Sendtao
Business and Software development

October 2011 - July 2017
Software Developer at Likusasa Engineering and Contracting
The work involved creating software solutions to solve and help the engineering teams get work done, including work like career application portals, branded websites, design work, branding and logo design for new companies.


Falmouth University
MA Entrepreneurship, 2018-20

University of Hertfordshire
BSc (Hons) Computer Science, 2014

University of Pretoria
BIS. Multimedia, 2008-12